STANDING s.r.o. offers its clients the following services:


Structural analysis of bearing structures of buildings

  • Designing bearing structures of family houses, dwelling houses and hangars according to the slovak and europan standards (STN EN, Eurocodes), making up the project documentation for building permit and for realization 
  • Verification of the project from the point of view of mechanical resistance and stability
  • Carrying out surveys and opinions
  • Technical consulting referring to statics and dynamics of bearing structures of buildings


Reconstruction of bearing structures from concrete, masonry and timber

  • Construction diagnosing
  • Design of removal of failures
  • Structural analysis of existing structures, design of reinforce of structures
  • Making the project for realization


Structural analysis of buildings from cold rolled steel construction

  • Hangars from system of FRISOMAT, Ltd.
  • Family and dwelling houses from system HORIZONT®


Structural analysis of masonry structures

  • Design of masonry structures (walls, pilars, vaults and lintels) according to the standards STN EN 1996, Eurokód 6 and STN ISO 13822   
  • Design of structures from confined masonry
  • Making the calculation tools to design masonry structures


Services for investors and construction workers

  • Authorial designer supervision
  • Technical  supervision
  • Construction supervision